8 Best Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad for 2019

8 Best Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad for 2019

Since the 2012 replacement of 30-pin apple cable connectors, there has been an emergence of countless brands of apple certified cables. This has made the selection of the best functional lightning cable alternative to apple brand quite difficult.

With so many crucial factors to consider, choosing the right cable is hardly possible. Some of the features you need to consider are compatibility, weight, material, length, and colors among others. Considering these factors against the hundreds or thousands of apple lightning cable is like rocket science.

However, with the inevitable continuous wear and tear of apple brand cable that comes with your device, you still need to replace them. You have an option of apple brand hardware for replacement. But with the availability of more interesting and affordable alternatives in the market getting the right type is the only challenge.

Well, there is no need to worry anymore, about landing on the right cable. Below is a list of the best products that have been arrived at after thorough research on various brands and types of lightning cables. Read through and determine which cable fits your needs perfectly.

After carrying out multiple research on various best cable available in the market, the result is a list of 8 types of the cables below. But that’s not all, the same cables have been compared against each other to determine which tops among them.

Our favorites are Apple Certified Lightning Cable 4FT and OVERTIME Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable – 6FT. they are multifunctional in charging both the iPhone and iPad efficiently. Also, they fit various uses perfectly. Such as car charger, home charger, workplace, and even travel charger.

Amazon Basics Certified iPhone Charger

Amazon Basics Certified iPhone Charger

This form of charger is available in the market in four lengths that are quite different. They include 10 feet, 6 feet, 4 feet, and 3 feet. All of these cables have iPhone certification, thus they are all compatible with iPhone devices.

Many apple chargers from other brands are associated with incompatibility issues. But with Amazon Basics iPhone charger cables, compatibility is a guarantee. In fact, the cables are compatible with all the generation of iPhone devices that are compatible with its pins.

Among the devices that this cable works best with are iPhone 5 to XS Ma, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini and other Apple devices up to 5th generations. With constant manufacture of iPhone covers for style and device protection, these cables have been uniquely designed to fit perfectly with all the case/span>

For durability and longevity of the cable life, it has an extra coating layer for protection. This layer is not only on the cables but also on the USB ends. As a result, you can bend the cable countless times and it will still regain its original shape and resist cracks or wearing out.

Overtime Apple Certified Lightning Cable – 4FT

Overtime Apple Certified Lightning Cable – 4FT

Are you tired of short time wearing out cable with low performance? Well, this sync and charge apple certified lightning cable is the perfect choice for you. The cable comes with the best quality material that is resistant to wear and tear or any form of cracks and pilling off.

What’s more, the rate of signal transfer is incomparable to any other similar products. Therefore, you have a chance to transfer bulk data within a short time and still maintains the quality of the information. When considering the general performance of the cable, it’s very optimal and safe for use at your convenient time.

Compatibility of the cable is with iPhones, iPads and also your mac book. In short, the cable is built to measure up to the specifications needed by apple devices. What’s more, the four feet long is the most convenient.

The cable is long enough to enable you to operate the device while charging and also short enough to accommodate squeezed working station without getting tangled with other cables. This is a great choice for multifunctional uses. It fits well in the office set up, at home or even in-car as a travel charger.  To easily get this cable with no hustles, just click here and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Overtime Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable – 6FT

Overtime Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable – 6FT

The most limiting factor when dealing with Apple devices is getting the right accessories. Most of the apple products are only compatible with the company’s own accessories. Considering they can be very expensive, getting a similar product from another brand with the same quality and more affordable is hardly possible.

 But there is no need to worry. With OVERTIME Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable – 6FT, all your troubles are gone. The cable is a perfect match for iPod and iPhone. Despite not having the apple brand, it has MFi certification.

This means Apple has certified it as effective hardware that is compatible with their devices. But that’s not all, the cable has been built to provide top-notch quality service during its use.

Through using it, your devices get charged fully within a short period of time and in the best way possible. Also in the process, there is no overheating of the battery and the charge lasts extra-long after charging the battery fully.  

On the other hand, the 6FT cable offers the best convenience. At that length, you would expect power supply issues and slow charging, but it’s not the case here. The cable is fully functional and offers the same performance as that of a short cable serving the same purpose.

With 6ft, you can charge your device at your comfort. There will be no need to sit too close to a charging station or using an extension to bring power closer to you. And that’s not all, the data transfer speed of the cable is quite exceptional. In short, this is a dream cable that has been transformed into reality. So don’t just sit there, click here and have the cable delivered at your doorstep in the shortest time possible.

Xcentz 6-Foot Lightning Cable

Xcentz 6-Foot Lightning Cable

This particular cable is characterized by the best warranty offer. if you are tired of continuous replacement of cables due to performance issues or wearing out, this is the right cable you need. The cables come with a warranty that covers the major causes of cable defects ranging from general cover to performance issues.

What’s more, the customer service is commendable both in product delivery after purchase as wells as during replacements. But don’t worry about product replacement, as this warranty is hardly required due to the exceptional quality of the cables.

The cable cover has the most durable material to guarantee a long life of the cable. The cover material comprises nylon that is double braided and fibers with heavy-duty quality. In other words, this cable has the potential to tolerate 30,000 bends and resist a maximum limit of 175 pounds  

Moreover, the charger plastic connectors have durable and long-lasting alloys of zinc. It, therefore, resists any form of corrosion and at the same time guarantees the fastest rate of device charging. At a glance, the features feel overwhelming and hardly true, but with the lifetime warranty, you have nothing to lose.  

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you are still wary of trying out the best third party lightning cable for your Apple devices, then try out Apple USB-C. This is a cable that comes from the apple company. Despite the less satisfying guarantee on durability, it’s the best option that assures your device safety.

The engineering of the cable ensures your devices are not overheated during charging. When it comes to performance, the cable is definitely satisfying. Within 30 minutes of charging, your device will have up to 50% of recharge. This cable is a great option that will ensure your devices never lacks charges during emergencies.

Anker USB-C to Lightning Cable

Anker USB-C to Lightning Cable

Are you searching for s fast charger to save you from incomplete charging of your devices? Then Anker USB-C is exactly what you’re looking for. The cable comes with an exceptional speed that fully charges your device within a short while. The cable maximizes on the exceptional speed of USB-C’s during charging. As a result, it charges your devices faster than other typical forms of USB with the same purpose.

 The best thing about this form of cable is that the speed is independent of the power source, whether it’s the USB power plug, laptop or a car plug. The charging speed remains the best and the quality and device protection are exclusive.

When considering the durability of the cable, Anker USB-C comes with a thicker cable than the ordinary Apple cables. As a result, it assures the user of a longer life of providing service. According to Anker, their cable comes with a 12,000 bend resistance which is about 12 times tougher than the ordinary average cables.

This cable is handier to users with many cases or bent or broken cables. The toughness of the cable will ensure they use it longer than their previous cables. The cable is available in two colors. Black and white. The only limiting factor is length. It comes as a 3ft able only while OVERTIME and other brands have 6ft cables.  

Anker 1FT Cable

Anker 1FT Cable

For portability, Anker 1ft cable is incomparable to any other USB cable whether long or short. It’s a great accessory for complementing your travel charger, the short length ensures it consumes less space. During charging, it is not messy and charges your device faster due to short length.

According to reviewers, this cable outdoes similar apple hardware. The cover ad general material of the cable is durable and lasts long. And unlike other cables that are rigid and often break when bent, this cable surpasses all those challenges.

The simple design is quite presentable and worth carrying around in the public while charging. At that length, you can place the power source in your back pocket and still manage to operate your device comfortably on hand while charging.   

In data transfer, you can comfortably sync your device with others and have an exclusively fast sharing of data. What’s more, the speed does not affect the data quality at the receiving end.

Syncwire iPhone lightning Cable

Syncwire iPhone lightning Cable

It’s currently easy to get MFi certified cable chargers in the market, what is quite challenging is getting the best type. Bu with Syncwire iPhone lightning cable, you no longer need to struggle to search for the right cable. This cable has been built to impress both in functionality and looks.

Compatibility is one feature that makes clients with apple devices warry of non-brand hardware. But Syncwire has compatibility not only for various types of iPhone generations but also for iPad. Additionally, this cable highlights the best durability with a 275 pounds support of weight. And that’s not all, you can bend the cord up to 90 degrees for over 30, 000 times and it will still work perfectly like a charm. The durability is accounted for by polyethylene hybrid fused together with a core from aramid fiber. The two materials guarantee both resilience and a design that is tangle-free irrespective of the cable length.

For best charging and syncing of the device, the cable comes with an eight-pin original connector. This delivers data, charging and even syncing at an exceptional speed. To complete the look, the connectors have a slim and ergonomic style.

The cable design enables easy fitting to almost all the iPhone cases with an exception of Otterbox and Lifeproof brands. Last but not least, the cable has double shield protection to guarantee the durability and long life of the cable.

Care and Maintenance Tips for your USB cable

The durability of the cable alone isn’t enough to ensure the long life for your cable. There are certain minor measures when considered will ensure your cable serves you for a lifetime. These include mainly storage and also unplugging the cable from the power source.

Unplugging the able

Most of us often pull the cable to remove it from the power source. This is a bad habit as it damages the link between the cable and the plug. In most cases, this is the main cause of the cable wearing out. To keep your cable safe, grasp the cable by the plug when removing.

Mode of storage

When storing your cable, loop it loosely instead of folding or bending it aggressively. You can use the strap that comes with the cable to hold it in a coiled shape. This will prevent unnecessary stress that may cause early wear and tear of the cable.

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